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Diaphragm Seals

When media clog the narrow pressure ports
of threaded connections of Bourdon tube instruments
as well as the internals of the tube.
Diaphragm can used to protect the pressure measuring instrument
from aggressive, adhesive, crystallizing, corrosive, highly viscous,
environmentally hazardous or toxic media.

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SJ's founder is deeply felt that any product should be closer to the needs of users. Therefore, we are now focusing on customized meters and are dedicated to assisting customers in designing the products that best meet their needs.

We hope to be able to help you solve any problems with the gauge, from simple trading relationship to intimate partnership, and support each other, grow together, and expect to have a place in the international community.

Each watch adheres to the 20-year craftsman spirit. Fine calibration before delivery, through the layers of testing, we do not sell the bad instrument. The founder's tenacity has been devoted for 40 years.Even though the years are so long, but always maintain the best quality for guests
Sinjia insists on handing you the perfect watch and is responsible for the product and provides warranty
As long as if you have our phone call, we will be patient to solve all your problems. Sinjia not only guarantees the our product, and also provide you with the best service

Sinjia have a fast and perfect service to Shorten the time of customers sending orders and receiving ,and establish a good relationship of trust with guests
For decades, We value the needs of every customer. We provide various professional services such as customer product consultation, after-sales service, and technical support to discuss issues and find out solutions.
We value the needs of every customer

Whether it is the sales staff who are in contact with you, or the technicians who are responsible for the instrument, the requirements for the products behind the scenes are the perfect! Not only on the production line, all products must be re-examined before packing and shipping. According to the characteristics of each product, various functions are tested to ensure that all products are of the best quality!

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