About SJ

2-3, Kitakame Cho, Yao City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

– Development History –

Sin Jia Enterprise (also called "SJ Gauge") was originally a one-man shop. Jeff Cheng, our founder, traveled to Japan in 1982 to study the professional techniques needed to craft industrial instruments. Went through the period in the 1980s, when Taiwan instruments was monopolized by foreign companies. After returning to Taiwan and founding SJ Gauge in 1998, he continued to learn and improve.

Since then, we have grown to specialize in industrial instruments, pressure gauges and thermometers. We produce a variety of gauges, including diaphragm seals, digital, low pressure, differential pressure and other pressure gauges. We also work with temperature sensing rods, expansion thermometers and bimetal thermometers. SJ Gauge takes "providing the best solution" as its first goal. In addition to instrument sales, we also provide a full range of customized services, serving thousands of clients all over the world.

– A to A+ Re-evolution –

SJ Gauge concentrates on the development of its own brand and continues to improve product quality and service efficiency. The foundation of our company is built on five pillars to aim for our goals.

Quality assurance & customized requirements

SJ Gauge understands our client's point of view. We solve client needs through ever expanding product lines, updated equipment, and continuous improvements to customization and testing capabilities. All of this done while strictly controlling product quality through a careful selection of cooperative manufacturers and material sources with: durable materials, meticulous workmanship, stable supply, honesty and respect.

Transparency of information

We provide easy access to full product information either on our own website, or through links to credible sources. We also create dynamic videos and articles to help clients quickly understand the differences between product options. We hope to encourage clients, manufacturers, and peers to help each other continue to grow as individuals and as an industry.

◆ Talent Cultivation

SJ Gauge provides employees with rich and diverse learning information, introduces education and training, cultivates employees' structured thinking, and builds a high-quality team that gives back and supports each other. Part of our talent cultivation includes an internship program, started in 2012, which has cooperated with more than 100 students from more than 20 colleges and universities. Talent is an important living asset of the company.

◆ Service tenet

Adhering to the high quality and stability of the product itself, we also set standards for packaging and transportation, so that products can be delivered to the client in perfect condition. and has high standards for after-sales service.

◆ Internationally certified

We actively apply for international certifications. Through the endorsement of third parties, new clients can feel more at ease using SJ Gauge's products. At present, it has applied for TUV and D&B certification. Our product inspection process complies with iso/IEC 17025 quality management system and has obtained ILAC MRA international mutual recognition laboratory accuracy accreditation, as well as traceable NML National Weights and Measures Standards of the Republic of China and NIST American National Standards for Instrument Calibration Testing.


SJ Gauge ILAC Certification SJ Gauge TAF Certification SJ Gauge TUV-Rheinland CertificationSJ Gauge ISO17025 CertificationSJ Gauge NML Certification
SJ Gauge DUNS CertificationSJ Gauge NIST Certification


– Core Values & Corporate Mission –

Instruments are never just simple mechanical parts. They are the key to many automated productions, an important driving force behind the technology industry, and they affect the progress of modern society. SJ Gauge believes that high-quality instruments can improve people's quality of life and promises to lead the instrument industry in Taiwan, contributing excellent products and services in the international market.

Through four core values— commitment, sharing, innovation, and excellence—SJ Gauge continues to improve, actively communicates with clients and manufacturers, cooperates with different industries, and achieves phased goals to build dreams together!