Combination of pointer thermometer and the analog output

Customer background

Founded in 1966, Walsin Lihwa is the leading brand of cable and special steel in Taiwan, with more than ten productions and sales bases around the world. In recent years, Walsin Lihwa has stepped into the real estate and technology industries, and is known worldwide for its strict quality control processes and innovative business philosophy.


Customer needs

With the rise of Industry 4.0, more and more manufacturers tend to use analog output transmitters to assist in data consolidation. After their pointer thermometer was damaged, Walsin wanted to update their equipment to meet this new trend. However, they also hoped to retain the direct observational function, while taking into account the remote observation and data monitoring. Unfortunately, the pipeline space wasn't enough for displaying two thermometers. They needed one thermometer that combined the pointer function and the analog output.


DTHIT is a pointer thermometer with an output signal. It is combined with the characteristics of the bimetallic pointer thermometer MTB.S to display readings, while the internal embedded PT100Ω thermal resistance connects to a 4-20mA temperature transmitter. This two-in-one thermometer not only saves space, but also ensures measurement accuracy through the double comparison.


After adopting SJ Gauge's solution, the client was able to observe the temperature value from a far distance. They were not only satisfied with our shipping efficiency, but also impressed by our professional and patient service spirit. We always believe that it is not only the product clients need, but help at every step of the process to solve the problem.

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