The People's Gatekeeper - Food and Drug Administration

Client Background

The Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW), is the competent authority, which is mainly divided into the Northern District, Central District and Southern District in Taiwan. Their most important service areas are planning technology management, food, medicine, medical equipment and cosmetics, control of drugs, research and inspection, quality supervision, and management of the seven major groups of business. There are 24 service blocks, which strictly test and supervise people.

With the mission of “Food and drug safety, trusted by the people, creating an environment for safe consumption,”MOHW established a sound food and drug safety management system to promote the health and well-being of the whole population.

Client's Special  Needs

For most manufacturers, the gauge our client needed was tricky to produce and had to be highly customized. Our client originally used a gauge from a well-known manufacturer, but they found the measurements were not accurate. It is usually necessary to increase the scale range or clamp diameter to push its bourdon tube. However, due to the limitations of the pipeline design of the machine. The scale range was 1kg/ cm² and the clamp diameter had to be 1.5in.

Incorrect pressure value of a famous manufacturer

Our Customized Product

We created a product that uses the PRDR.W. The socket and the case are laser welded, using a special processing method, to make it more durable. We also used safety glass to better protect the operator. This created an alternative to the German WIKA - 232.50 / 233.50 pressure gauge with the same specifications.

In order to tackle the hygiene requirement, we used the diaphragm seal model: DIS-C, which is a sanitary diaphragm seal for hygienic applications. The clamp connections are fast and easy to open for cleaning, maintenance, and blocking crystallization and sticky media.

Customized product

Results from This Challenge

SJ Gauge strives to overcome the challenges of all our clients. We stand behind the quality of all its products, even when they fall outside normal specifications. This project was difficult, but in the end we achieved our goals to meet our client’s needs for both unusual design and accuracy.

The certification shows that the accuracy of our products are much more precise than international standard.

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