Link diaphragm low pressure

Link diaphragm low pressure

Product Description


►Corrugated diaphragm design used for measuring small pressure ranges within corrosive, crystalized or viscous pressure media
►Pressure connections include threaded and flange mounting options, or electric contacts
►Suitable for applications in the chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas industries as well as power engineering

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Figure 1: Male thread
Figure 2: Male thread with contacts
Figure 3: Flange type
Figure 4: wetted part PTFE

Product Specification

Connection location

Male thread, male thread with contacts, flange type, flange type  with contact

Nominal size

4", 6"

Scale ranges

0 ... 1 kPa to 0 ... 60 kPa or other equivalent units of pressure, vacuum or compound


±2.5% F.S. (standard), ±1.6% F.S.

Ambient temperature

-20℃ ... 60℃

Medium temperature

Maximum +100℃


Stainless steel


Glass, safety glass


Aluminum alloy, black scale on white


Black aluminum alloy

Sensor element

316L SS (standard), hastelloy alloy, PTFE

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