Anti-corrosion plastic

Anti-corrosion plastic

Product Description

Model: PRD-APP

4-20mA or RS485 signal output for remote observation
Digital display which allows local observation at the same time
Corrosion resistance on both case and wetted part, mainly used in the PCB industry

✔ Responsive after-sales service / Customizable / High quality / One-year warranty

Product Specification

Nominal size


Scale ranges

0 ... 10 kPa to 0 ... 5 MPa, or other
equivalent units of pressure, vacuum
or compound


±1.0% F.S.

Process connection

PP; G1/2" (F)



Sensor element


Accessories (options)

Transparent plastic cover

Medium temperature

-20℃ ... 70℃

Output signal

4-20mA, RS485

Power consumption

0.5 W

Product Display

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