Product Description

Model: MSSMP131-TSD(H) (Gauge)
Smart Pressure Transmitter, Compact, High-quality

►Powerful compact appearance, provides the highest cost-effective pressure measuring solutions
►Adopts patent pressure sensor technology, flexibly faces all kinds of challenges of working conditions
►Strong transient voltage resistance inside, easily cope with surge voltage

✔ Responsive after-sales service / Customizable / High quality / One-year warranty

Figure 1: DIN43650 connector
Figure 2: Circular connector

Product Specification

Scale ranges  

2 kPa ... 40 MPa

Output signal
4-20mA, 4-20mA/HART
0-5 VDC, Modbus-RTU/RS485

±0.1% URL (standard), ±0.075% URL

Process connection

M 20 x 1.5(M), G 1/2(M), G 1/4(M), 1/2 NPT(M)

1/4 NPT(M), 1/2NPT(F), 1/4 NPT(F)

Measuring medium  

The fluids which compatible with wetted parts

Medium temperature

-40℃ ... 85℃

Electrical connections
DIN43650 connector, IP65
M12 x 1 circular connector, 4 pin, IP67

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