Stainless Steel Case

Stainless Steel Case

Product Description

Model: MSSMP858-TSF-S
Smart Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter, Hygienic, Stainless Steel Case

►Isolated air cavity design to prevent condensation and avoid pollution to the media
►Designed for food and pharmaceutical industry, suitable for CIP/SIP cleaning and sterilization
►Double diaphragm overload protection structure can easily cope with high overload tests

✔ Responsive after-sales service / Customizable / High quality / One-year warranty

Figure 1: Bottom mount
Figure 2: Bottom mount - side
Figure 3: Back mount 

Product Specification

Scale ranges  

10 kPa ... 3 MPa

Output signal
4-20mA, 4-20mA + HART

±0.2% URL (standard), ±0.5% URL

Process connection
Tri-Clamp; DIN32676; ISO2852
DIN 11851; SMS; IDF; DRD 


3A, EHEDG, CE, RoHS, Ex-proof

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