LED analog output

LED analog output

Product Description


  • The LED digital pressure sensor has 7 pressure units switchable
  • Measuring range from -1 to 250 bar
  • Max. & Min. hold function available, Analog output (16 bit) output optional

Product Specification


0.25% F.S.

Thread size

1/4" PT, 1/4" NPT or others

Zero adjustment


Display of pressure values

-19999~99999 digit

Output response time


Proof pressure



3xrated(<60Bar) / 1.8xrated(>60Bar)

Sampling cycle

0.1~9.9s can be modified

transmission speed


Thermal effect


Output capability

<[(Vs-12V)/0.02A]Ω(Current 2-wire)

<[(Vs-8V)/0.02A]Ω(Current 3-wire)

>1KΩ(Voltage 3-wire)

Display screen

Bright red LED high 10.16mm(0.4")

Back up memory

Non-volatile E2 PROM memory

Sensing material

Ceramic A1203-96%

Thread Material

Stainless steel 1.4401(SUS316)

Analog output resolution

16 bit DAC

Output ripple

<0.1% F.S.

Zero points thermal effect


Longtime stability



Display screen

Bright red LEDs high 10.16mm(0.4")

Seal material

NBR<16Bar / PVDF>16Bar

Housing material


Power supply

DC10~28V(O/P=4~20mA(3-wire)/1~5V DC14~28V(O/P=4~20mA(2-wire)/0~10V

Storage Temperature


Operating temperature



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