Lead wire type

Lead wire type

Product Description

 Model:501_Screw-in type, 502_Inseration type, 503_Bayonet type

  • RTD is more accurate than thermocouples and especially true at lower temperature ranges
  • Resistance temperature detectors are also more stable and have better linearity than thermocouples


Product Specification


501_Screw-in type, 502_Inseration type, 503_Bayonet type

Output signal

JIS PT100、DIN PT100、DIN PT500、DIN PT1000、JIS PT100(A)、DIN PT100(A)


Single element, Dual element

Tube diameter


Insertion length

50~200mm or customize


1/4"20UNC、M6x1.0、M8x1.25、M10x1.5、M12x1.5、5/16"18UNC、5/16"24UNF、1/4" PT、3/8" PT、1/2"PT、3/4" PT


None, heat shrink tubing, spring, 8 ∅ connecting tubes + spring, 12 ∅ connecting tubes + spring, 12.5 ∅ (single) buckle, 12.5 ∅ (double) buckle, 15 ∅ (double) buckle

Wire length

1M~5M or customized


Figure 1: 501_Screw-in type
Figure 2: 502_Inseration type
Figure 3: 503_Bayonet type

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