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RTW is a Taiwanese brand specializing in temperature-sensing rods. The products manufactured by RTW include junction box thermocouples, lead wire thermocouples, fine wire thermocouples, junction box temperature detectors (RTD), and lead wire temperature detectors. As a pioneer in manufacturing temperature sensing rods in Taiwan, RTW is highly regarded for its excellent quality and stability. Many users who have used RTW products continue to specify the RTW brand when they require temperature-sensing rods.

Temperature sensing rods (RTD) and thermocouples have similar appearances and applications, which is why they are often referred to collectively as temperature sensing rods. The measurement principle of temperature sensing rods is based on the fact that the resistance of a pure metal wire changes with temperature, providing a stable voltage to measure the resistance and calculate the current temperature. Thermocouples, on the other hand, utilize the thermoelectric effect to infer temperature.

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