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With over 20 years of experience in the measurement and instrumentation industry in Taiwan, SJ Gauge is an expert in industrial thermometers, temperature gauges, and temperature measurement instruments. We offer customizations for various types of threads, sanitary connections, thermocouples, protection sleeves, temperature sensors for intelligent sensors, and highly customized temperature measurement instrument requirements. 

Our goal is to provide high-quality customization services to solve customer problems. We welcome both bulk purchases from businesses and small orders from individuals or small businesses. You can click on the following categories to search, or email us at or click on "Contact Us" to let us find the most suitable thermometer for you.

What's the bimetallic thermometer and gas-actuated thermometer? And how do they work?

The bimetal thermometer is moved by spiraled metal sheets. When the temperature changes, the spiral either rolls up or loosens due to the different level of expansion or contraction of each metal sheet, causing the pointer to indicate the corresponding temperature. The gas-actuated thermometers use expanding or contracting gas in a closed bulb and capillary system. for more information.

Bimetal stems, capillaries and associated thermowells are available in a wide selection of lengths. Choose from sanitary tri-clamps and switch contacts to fit nearly any application.