Can't find the pressure gauges or thermometers you need? SJ Gauge presents past custom projects for your reference and selection.

SJ Gauge is a Taiwan-based supplier of pressure gauges, thermometers, intelligent sensors, measuring equipment, and related components. From assembling and designing pressure gauges and thermometers to sensor principles and maintenance of intelligent sensor components, we can tailor-make highly customized temperature and pressure measuring instruments to suit your needs.

We have created a product catalog of our past custom projects for manufacturers and customers who may have similar needs.

Our goal at SJ Gauge is to provide high-quality customized services to solve customer problems. Whether you are an enterprise making bulk purchases or a small business/individual making small-scale orders, we welcome you to contact us. You can click on the following categories for search, send an email directly to, or click "Contact Us" to let us help you find the most suitable pressure gauge.