Industrial Smart Transmitters

This series of pressure sensors feature a state-of-the-art transmission module with a new microprocessor and surface mount technology. 

It incorporates a built-in temperature sensor to collect and process signals from the pressure sensor, effectively correcting measurement errors and significantly enhancing the performance of the pressure sensor. 

The redesigned external three-button menu function offers simplified parameter settings and improved safety during operations, especially in hazardous conditions. Measurement data can be remotely accessed using a HART handheld controller or HART software.

Whether you require customizations for the internal components or the casing of industrial pressure sensors, we offer a diverse range of options to meet your specific needs for different usage scenarios and applications. 

At SJ Gauge, we understand that different industries may have unique requirements for pressure sensors. That's why we provide flexible specification choices, allowing you to customize your pressure gauge based on industry demands and environmental constraints. 

Whether you prefer durable stainless steel materials, corrosion-resistant plastic materials, or even casings with explosion-proof certifications, we can cater to your specific requirements.

If you have any requirements for industrial pressure sensors and are unsure which model suits your industry best, feel free to contact us directly. 

We will propose tailored customization solutions based on your needs.