Temperature Transmitters

This series of integrated temperature sensors utilize ASIC & SMT signal modules and can be equipped with a built-in backlight and LCD display module with keypad operation. 

They meet the 4th level standards (differential mode voltage: 2000V, common mode voltage: 4000V), making them suitable for harsh environments with surge voltage.

The integrated temperature sensors in this series offer flexible and reliable solutions for various temperature measurement applications.

We can provide you with customized options for the housing material, accuracy, temperature measurement range, and other specifications of the temperature sensor. 

From the internals to the external casing, and even the overall appearance design, SJ Gauge can offer flexible customization choices to cater to your specific usage scenarios and requirements. 

If you have any questions regarding the operation of temperature measurement instruments, inquiries about suitable application scenarios, or procurement needs, please feel free to contact us

SJ Gauge will provide you with professional solutions tailored to your requirements.